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With millions of views on YouTube and 450,000 monthly listens on Spotify, Necrojocker has released his new album "Reggae Warrior".

With more than 450,000 monthly listens on Spotify and more than 70 million views on YouTube, Christian Enrique Oberto Guerra aka Necrojocker, is one of the Latin reggae artists who have hit the scene the hardest in recent years. With thousands of fans around the world, this Venezuelan artist based in Spain has released his new album "Reggae Warrior", with which he will seek to consolidate internationally.

Born into a working class family in Caracas, Necrojocker emigrated to Spain in 2003, and released his first album "La Simple Disciplina" in 2013 alongside Mystic Selekta, 17 songs oriented to roots reggae, dancehall, raggamuffin, jungle and hip hop. In 2019 "Cypher 1" is released, with which he becomes internationally known by obtaining more than 28 million plays on Spotify. In 2020 he embarks on two international tours Colombia and Mexico, where he collaborates with artists such as with Nanpa Básico, Lefty Sm, Yoss Bones, Toser One, Cirujano resendez, Chato 473, Turek Hem, Kerox, Familia Alzada Alma Negra, Jarcrop and Lyhon Secuaz. In 2021 "Cypher 2" is released, with which he achieves again millions of views on Spotify and YouTube, and thanks to which Necrojocker collaborates with national artists such as Muerdo, Rastachai, Fyahbwoy, Mistah Godeh, Killahman, Baino di Lion, Pure Negga and Chusterfield.

450k on Spotify

The artist has 450,000 monthly listens on Spotify, mostly in Spain and LATAM.

+70M on YouTube

His videos have accumulated more than 70 million views on YouTube.

New album

Necrojocker has released hiw new album "Reggae Warrior".