Urban - Spain

Ras Zohen

Ras Zohen starts this 2023 with new songs and collaborations with important artists of the genre.


David Giménez Martín aka Ras Zohen is a young multidisciplinary artist who combines his facets as a singer, composer and producer of urban and Jamaican music. Reggae and dancehall have made him work, collaborate and share the stage with artists such as Agent Sasco, Skarra Mucci, Dawn Penn, General Levy, Sara Lugo or Jah Fabio. In 2023, after going through a period of apparent tranquility in which he has focused on cooking his new work influenced by the most current rhythms, he returns with a renewed urban sound.

Exclusive booking in Spain.

New sound

Ras Zohen returns with a renewed urban sound.


Composer, producer, lyricist and singer.


His new singles include collaborations with leading artists.