Hip Hop Rock - Brazil

Planet Hemp

The most iconic Brazilian hip hop/rock band formed by Marcelo D2, BNegao and Black Alien will be back in Europe soon.

Planet Hemp

With more than 25 years behind them, Planet Hemp is one of the most important bands in the Brazilian music scene. With a sound that mixes rock and hip hop, several gold and platinum albums, and thousands of fans around the world, Planet Hemp is already preparing its return to Europe with Marcelo D2 and BNegao. In addition to their three studio albums released by Sony Music ("Usuário", "Os Cães Ladram Mas a Caravana Não Pára" and "A Invasão do Sagaz Homem Fumaça"), they also have an overwhelming live show, where they review their greatest hits for an audience that transcends generations.

Exclusive booking in Spain.

Latin Grammy

Nominated for best urban music album in 2001.

MTV Live

They perform and release their live acoustic CD on MTV.

Gold and platinum records

The group has accumulated several gold and platinum records.