Dancehall Reggae - Spain

Nyahbingi Sound

One of the founding groups of the Spanish reggae-dancehall scene, with more than 20 years on stage.

Nyahbingi Sound

With hundreds of performances throughout the peninsula and Europe, also accompanying live artists like Alton Ellis, Bitty McLean, Ziggi or General Levy, as well as organizers of tours and shows for artists like Junior Kelly, Ky-Mani Marley, Ken Boothe, Black Uhuru or Max Romeo. Known for their ability to devise new party concepts, Nyahbingi Sound have been the creators of clubs and partys referents both nationally and internationally as BoomBastic Club, Whine Urban Club or Reggaeton vs Dancehall.

Exclusive booking in Spain.

Djs and organizers

Creators of concepts such as the Boombastic Club.

+20 years live

Djs pioneers of the Spanish dancehall reggae scene.

International shows

They have performed in Europe and Latin America.