Ska Jazz - EEUU

New York Ska Jazz Ensemble

The most international ska-jazz band returns to Europe in 2023.

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The New York Ska Jazz Ensemble is a compact block of musicians with thousands of concerts under their belt. Born during a European tour of The Toasters in 1994, the idea of NYSJE was to create a combo with members of The Toasters, The Scofflaws and The Skatalites that, from classic instrumental ska, would embrace the rhythms and harmonies of modern jazz. More than twenty years have passed since that initial idea and 15 albums released later, NYSJE is one of the bands that have contributed the most to the revival of traditional Jamaican sounds.

Exclusive booking in Catalonia.

20 albums

Among them are "Get this", "Skaleidoscope" and "Double Edge".

Nomination at the Oscars

"Arachnid" was part of the soundtrack of the movie "Redemption".

Thousands of concerts

The band has played thousands of concerts all over the world.