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Diogo Nogueira

The heir to the Nogueira legacy and son of the samba legend, Joao Nogueira has become one of the pillars of the new samba generation and his #EuroSambaTour will be the one to fill Europe with color in 2023.


The Rio de Janeiro-born singer has a Latin Grammy to his credit for the best samba/pagoda album in 2010 for Tô Fazendo a Minha Parte, and most of his works have been nominated for a Grammy. He has sold a little more than a million and a half records, which has made him one of the most important singer-songwriters of the moment in Brazil and his voice has infected people all over the world and especially Spain, which will allow him to visit cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid and Porto in his next tour #EuroSambaTour in 2023.

Exclusive booking in Spain.

Latin Grammy 2010

Best Samba/Pagoda Album "Tô Fazendo a Minha Parte".

More than one million in sales

Million and a half albums sold.


After a successful passage through Europe in 2022, the #EuroSambaTour 2023 is confirmed.