Pop - Brazil

Agnes Nunes

After going viral on the Internet and dazzling her fans in Brazil, Agnes seeks to fascinate Europe with her spectacular voice.


In addition to her acting talent in streaming series such as "Solo por Amor", Agnes has a privileged voice and this has been one of the reasons for her success, her particular accent and the way she manages to enchant her fans with her songs is the main characteristic of the boom of this artist from Bahia. She is the author of songs such as "Cida, Pode se Achegar, Amanhecer, De Novo". She will be present in Spain in 2023.

Exclusive booking in Spain. Confirmed dates: 18/03 in Barcelona.


Agnes accumulates more than 1 million monthly listens on Spotify.


Agnes has participated in successful series such as "Solo por Amor".

MTV Music Awards

She has been nominated for the MTV Millenial Awards 2020.