Reggae - Chile

Quique Neira

With 30 years of musical career and 13 solo productions, the Chilean reggae exponent arrives for the first time in Spain.

With more than 30 years of musical career, 20 albums, and several awards such as the Altazor Award for his albums "Cosas Buenas" (2006) and "Alma" (2012), Quique Neira is undoubtedly one of the most international voices of Latin reggae. Author of hits such as "Verde, Amarillo y Rojo", "Felicidad", "Sentimiento Original" or "Armonía de Amor" among many others, this veteran artist has performed throughout Latin America, and also in the USA, Australia and Europe. Considered a Latin Reggae Icon, Quique Neira will visit Spain for the first time solo this coming 2023.

Exclusive booking in Spain

400k on Spotify

The artist has 400,000 monthly listens on Spotify.

+190M on YouTube

His videos have accumulated more than 75 million views on YouTube.

Latin Reagge Icon

With a legacy in Latin American reggae circles since 1990.